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My new novel, the fantasy story The Mischief of Rats, is available now as an e-book and paperback.

You can watch the trailer by clicking on this link.

Here's a brief synopsis:

In a city one hundred storeys high, mercenary general Shard Harken must start a revolution to save his kidnapped children.

He will need all his battlefield experience, and the help of a handful of allies, to overcome the deadly obstacles in his way. While Harken makes his way higher and higher, his enemies gather their strength for objectives of their own, little knowing that the fate of the world itself might hinge on the people below them.

To download a free PDF of the first four chapters, click here.


You can also learn about my first novel, the steampunk adventure The Policeman of Secrets, which is available now in paperback or as an e-book. Here's the synopsis:

Imagine that the next book you read will steal your mind. You will become a puppet of a secret society that is about to seize the British Empire. You and millions of others have only one hope: the courage of a roguish gentleman adventurer known as the Policeman of Secrets.

To download a free PDF of the first four chapters, click here.


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